Errata for Exploring Shawl Shapes

Although we checked and re-checked the patterns, errors do slip through. We apologise for these. If you find and error, please let us know on
Thank you.

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Page 43
The Increase Sequence is with the charts on page 76 (see below).

Page 46
Centre Chart says 'all rows are charted'. It should read:
Only odd numbered rows are charted. Even numbered rows are all S1p, k to end.

Border Chart
The wrong chart has been inserted. The correct chart is below. The row-by-row instructions are correct.

Page 54
On the schematic, the arrows for the border should point outwards, not round the edge.

Page 62
The start of the pattern should read as follows:
With waste yarn, cast on 9 sts. Change to working yarn and knit 1 row.
Row 1: K3, PM, m1, k1, m1, PM, k1, PM,m1, k1, m1, PM, k3. 13 sts
Row 2: S1p, k2, SM, k3, SM, m1, k1, m1, SM, k3, SM, k3. 15 sts

Finishing should read 5 sts on one needle and 4 sts on the other (not 4 and 3).

The Gusset Chart on p 79 has mistakes. The corrected chart is below:

The row-by-row instructions are correct except for Rows 1 and 27. These should read:
Row 1: K3.

Row 27: K1, k2tog, yo, k3, yo, ssk, k1.

Page 66
The foundation row and instructions should read:
Foundation Row: K1, *PM, k1. Repeat from * seven times more.
Work Rows 1 to 25 of the Centre Chart, placing the chart 8 times between the markers, and ending each row with k1.

Page 68
There is a k3togtbl symbol missing in the final row of the chart. The row-by-row instructions are correct. (ie K1, k3togtbl, k1.)

Page 76
The chart diagrams have been shifted up one. Each chart is correct in itself, and each set of instructions is correct in itself, but they do not match! In each case the row-by-row instructions are under the correct title.
The chart placed for the Increase Sequence is the 36 st Chart. (The Increase Sequence has no chart.)
The chart placed for the 36 st Chart is the 72 st Chart.
The chart placed for the 72 st Chart is the 144 st Chart.

Page 83 It is the maths, not the moths, which need fudging!